Valentines Day Games Ideas: Valentine day symbolises the love. On the 14 February peoples, are celebrating this day and showing its love to his/her lovable person. On this day, many people are trying to find it new love and many celebrate his day with its sole mate. Married couples and boys - girls couples are celebrating his with full of enjoyment and showing how much they love and care about him/her by its own way. But kids are celebrating this day with the Valentines Day games these games are also played in the party for the enjoyments and fun. Valentines Day Games are also one of the best ideas to celebrate this day.
Here we are sharing with you some Valentines Day games ideas to make it a blast for everyone. So enjoy the day hard and make fun as much as you.
List of some valentines day games:
Heart Treasure Hunt

Pick up some heart shaped items such as heart shape eraser and plastic heart. But, they have equal shape and size. Hide all the items around your classroom or house. Then make a team according to the strength of children’s and send them for finding the hearts. But, give them some clue for finding the hearts.
Spin the Bottle

One of the most common games which are almost playing in the youngster age at the malls and cafes when friends group are getting bore. Make some twist in the game – Whenever the bottles pointing someone, then the spinner must day something nice to the pointing person. Then they pointing person give a sweet kiss to the spinner.

Buy some hearts from the market which are flat face so that they can easily balance each other when placing one over the other. Making a tower of heart is not as easy task as you think. The winner is decided by the height of the heart tower.

These are some valentine’s day games ideas which are enough to make you day memorable and full of enjoyment. 

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