Before we could start anything, I just want say that we are already providing a great stuff on the Valentine’s Day games ideas. Here we are providing the top 5 Valentines Day Games Ideas. These Valentines games ideas are common and very easy to set-up for playing. You can play these games in the schools, colleges, parties and home with the friends and family but there are some game which you are only playing with the friend which is not only your friend his/her is more than your friend - You know what I mean ;)

  Best Valentines Day Games
Top 5 Valentines Day Games Ideas

Giant Heart Tic-Tac-Toe

We all know the rules of the Tic Tac Toe game and we all play it once in our life. But there is some change in the Giant Tic Tac Toe. In this we made a 3X3 matrix on the floor and take 6 hearts shape bags, in which 3 are of red color and 3, are in white colors. You can also choose your favorite color. Now play the game with same rules on the floor with bags.
Hide and Seek the heart

As we all know the rules of Hide n Seek and know how to play. But, In Hike N seek the heart game there is a twist give each member a different color heart and you have to hide yourself with your heart. When you see someone of member of the game then you have to call him/her by the heart color which they carry instead of his/her name.

  Valentines Day 2016 Ideas
Teacher Heat Attack
Give your teacher a lovely greeting. Write all the good things on the card which you like the most about your teacher. Then say them that they will read this loudly so that each and every student of the class can listen easily.  
Spin the Bottle

We all played this game once in your life and know how to play this. But, there is a twist in the rules. This game is completely for the lovers, not for children’s. Twist, when the spinner spin the bottle after this when it stop then bottle, is pointing someone. The pointing person gives a kiss to the spinner. Then repeat the same process by shuffling the positions of the members.   
This game is already discussed with you in the previous article, you can enjoy more Valentines Day games also in that article.  
But, I told you something about this game. In Heart-o-stack, we trying o make the longest building of the heart.

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