Money can't buy love and it's the thought that counts, spending a ton — or any — cash is not necessary. Some of the most generous and romantic gifts cost nothing in terms of dollars and cents. But be forewarned: If there's anything worse than being called a cheapskate by a significant other, it's being called a thoughtless cheapskate. The best gifts demonstrate that you appreciate and accept who your partner is, that you know exactly what makes him or her happy, and that you care enough to give from the heart.

So what to do in budget to make her happy? 

1:-Give Her Flowers. 
These are by far the most traditional - and shopped for - gifts in the arsenal, making up $1.7 billion in sales in 2011, according to While roses are seen as the official flower of love, they can become more expensive as the holiday approaches, leaving less in the budget for other niceties. Experts suggest that you don't wait until the last minute for floral orders. Purchasing even a week in advance can save 20 to 50% on pricing. Another option is to skip getting a dozen and settle for three that are nicely arranged in a bud vase. Florists can help you create the perfect look for your more modest arrangement without appearing cheap. 

2:-Chocolates in a heart-shaped box.
Chocolates are one of the best gifts for valentines day. I will suggest you to give her favorite chocolate. 
Want to buy some fancy chocolate so this site will help You. 
3:-Make Greeting Card with Your Hand.
homemade card is always more meaningful than a purchased one. It says not only what you write in it but also "I took the time to make this because I care enough about you to give that time." As far as mementos go, it's likely the card will be kept for many years to come! Other things can be made too, for gifts. Draw on your own skills when making gifts; for example, if you're a keen gardener, give something from the garden; if you're a keen cook, make something delectable; if you're a keen outdoor enthusiast, give a fully guided nature walk or a lesson in your favorite sport.
Want to learn some tips make cards

Tips to create Valentine's Day Greeting Cards.
4:-Write a Poem for Her.
Now writing a poem is not a easy work for every one. So what to if you can't write a poem. You can copy it from Internet and don't think your partner will angry.

5:-Movie on Night.
Staying home is much cozier (and way cheaper) than going to the movies. But select the DVD carefully. Consider rewatching the first movie you saw as a couple — and if that was Dumb and Dumber, then maybe get the first romantic movie you saw as a couple. (On the other hand, in its own way, Dumb and Dumber really is a great love story.) To truly save money, skip the video store or Netflix and take the film out free from your local library — which is probably loaded with older movies, though copies are sometimes only available on VHS.

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