This is your one stop look for latest Valentine’s Day Whatsapp Message and Facebook Status to together with your beloved ones. As usual, Valentine’s Day happens 14th of February and celebrated as final day of Valentine Week. Will come your way the complete list of Valentine Week List of 2016. The intention of  Valentine’s Day should be to express your love at a most timeless gifts possible – an adorable valentine’s.

Many people take their loved ones to get a intimate dinner at a restaurant even though some may choose this day to be able to propose or conjoin. Some people give handmade cards, chocolates, jewelry or flowers, particularly flowers, to their partners or stalwarts on Valentine’s Day.

An upswing of web sites popularity is creating new traditions. Lots of people use digital methods of communication like Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Facebook etc. Following is really a Bunch of selected messages will send on Whatsapp or share on Facebook for Valentine’s Day. You can freely share these Wishes, Greetings with all your friends and girlfriend. Just copy, paste and share.

Valentine’s Day Whatsapp Message & Facebook Status 2016

Latest Collection On Valentines Day Facebook Status Updates 2016, Happy Valentines Day Funny Facebook Status Updates, Jokes, SMS, Messages, Quotes for Friends & Family Members.
1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

2. Today I already killed some helpless flowers for you… what else do you want?!??!

3. C.L.I.C.K. means: C=cant live without u L=love u I=i miss u C=care about u K=kiss from my heart 2 u So whenever u miss me just say CLICK

4. Love Is The Happiness Of Today, And Promise Of Tomorrow, So This Warm Note Comes 2 You, 2 Say That Live Life With A Heart Full Of Love.

5. Valentine’s Day money-saving tip: Break up on Feb 13th, get back together on the 15th ;)

6. Why do I need a date for Valentine’s Day? I can buy my own damn flowers & box of chocolate…

7. Valentines Day is so fake. If you love someone, you’ll treat him/her special every day. Not once out of 365 days.

8. Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep. The only way to retain love is to give it away.

9. Let’s share the world,
A sea is for you, and waves are for me.
The sky is for you, and stars are for me.
The sun is for you, and light is for me.
Everything is for you, and you are for me.
Happy Valentines Day.

10. We Protect Each Other Like Married Couples
We Fight Together Like Siblings,
We Need Each Other’s Company Like First Loves,
You Make My Heart Yearn For You.
We Are Perfect My Valentine.Happy Valentine!

11. My Happiness Should Be Yours And
Your Troubles Should Be Mine..
I Will Do Everything
That Brings A Smile To Your Face..
Darling Be My Valentine.

12. Life may be tough sometimes but you are there to lift my spirit up.
You always tell me not to give up.
I love you for that!
Happy Valentines Day!

13. You Always Care For Me.
You Always Support Me.
You Always Love Me.
I Thank God Who Gave Me Such
A True Loving Partner.
You Are The Love Of My Life.Happy Valentine’s Day!

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