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You can impress your partner by singing a romantic Valentines Day Poem for them and win their heart. If you don’t know to write a poetry then we are here to help you. Below are great Valentines Day Poems.

  • Love is a miracle <—> sweet as can be…
    That will always remain <—> a complete mystery….
    For though its something <—> thats centuries old,
    It can’t b purchased <—> for silver or gold.
    Bt instead must be given <—> of ones own free will,
    And recevd with no promises it must fulfil….
    And once its exchanged in this time-honoured way,
    Theres nothing that love cannot manage to say.
    Happy Valentines Day..
    Enjoy It With your Valentine..
  • Poetry spills from the cracks of a broken heart,
    but flows from one which is loved.
    Have A Happy Valentine Day.
  • ->Paagal huye jo hm to ULFAT usssy b thee..
    ->Chaaha jo hmny usko to chahatt usy b thi…
    ->Usko na bhol pain gay wo janta tha or
    ->Hr baat bhool jsane ki asdatt usy bhi thee..
    Happy Valentines Day 2u.
  • >>>>I wrote ur name in the sky,
    But the wind blew it away.>>>>
    >>>>I wrote ur name in the sand,
    But the waves washed it away.>>>
    >>>>I wrote ur name in my heart,
    And forever it will stay.>>>>
    <hAPPY> <vALENTINE> <dAY>
  • I love ur dark eyes & ur curly hair,
    I love ur smile & the way that u care..
    I love ur deep kisses,
    I love ur soft touch,
    I love u I love u so much.
    Happy Valentine Day!!
  • Ksi ko apna banaaney menn derr lgti h,
    eik vaada nibhaaney men derrr lagti h,
    payar to pal bhar me ho jata h,
    magar unhe bhulaaane men umarr lgti h..
  • >>>Aaa jaaaye Ksi Din Too Aesaa B Nai Lgta,
    Lekin Wo Teraa Waada Jhoota B Nai Lgta
    >>>Miltaa Hy Sukoon Dil Ko Us Yaar Kay Koochy Mn,
    Hr Roz Mgr Jana Achaa B Nai Lgta,,
    >>>Baare Main Qateel Us K Sochain B To Kyaa Sochain???
    Wo Ghair Nai Lekin Apnaaa Bhi Nai Lagtaaa…
    Happy Valentine Day,,
  • u know u r in love….
    when u see the world in her eyes…
    & her eyes everywhere in the world….
    Good Luck…
    Have A Happy Valentines Day
  • ***Khud ko mujsy juda kia usny,
    Jo na krna tha wo kia usny,
    ***Yad krny sy b na yad aaon,
    Aesay muj ko bhuLa dia us ny,
    ***Tum to Bas waQat ki zarurat ho,
    Mujhko aakhr bata diya usne,
    ***Apny hatho se khud hi likh k muje
    Jaane Q phr Khud e mita diya usne,
  • No problems too great & no problems too small,
    For love… like a miracle… conquers them all.
    And leaves in their place such a feeling of peace,
    That joy… just like love… cannot help but increase!
    Happy Valentines Day
  • Piyar ME Bewafai Q Milti Hai
    Main Nahe Janta????
    Piyar Main Bewafai Q Milti Hai
    Faqat Itna Zaroor Jaanta Hon main’
    Jab Dil Bhar Jaye To Log/..
    Kahin Or Dil Laga Letey Hain.
    Ye hi dstoor e dunya hai..
    Aur Valentine day manaty phirty hain..
    baqwaas .. bekaaar..
Both of above poems are easy to recite and really romantic. Sing these Valentines Day Poems in front of your girlfriend/boyfriend to impress them. Stay tuned for more posts on Valentines Day.

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