Valentine Week List - February 2016

Few days are left for the Valentines week and it’s a perfect time to learn every day of love in detail. If you are bond in a relationship recently then it would be great if you wish your girlfriend / boyfriend daily for each day. The whole valentines week is celebrated in such a way so that on 14 Feb one can easily express his/her heart wishes to someone. It all starts from 7th February and ends on 14th February i.e. the Valentines Day. So lets learn about each day of week one by one.

Days of Valentine Week 2016

Rose Day – 7th February 2016

As its name suggests this day is for giving symbol of love to someone. In the movies you must have seen couples exchanging red roses. Well its an old saying if someone accept your red rose on Rose day then he/she loves you truly, deeply madly. However many people also gives yellow and white rose, as these are symbols of friendship. But if you love someone truly then this is the perfect day to give him/her some lovely alerts about it.

Propose Day – 8th February 2016

Those couples who are already in a relationship mainly celebrate this day. If you want a pinch of love in your married life then you can propose to your wife on this day. This will explain her that how important she is for you. If you confident enough that your crush will say Yes to you. Then you can also express your true love and start a new relation with her/him.

Chocolate Day – 9th Day 2016

Mostly people celebrate some good news with sweets. Valentine’s week has chocolate day for it. Everybody knows girls love chocolates. So if you are bonded in one relationship recently then you can give her favourite chocolates to make her more happy. This day is also celebrated by common friends too.

Teddy Day – 10th February 2016

On this day people give a cute teddy bear to their girlfriends. Never judge with its size, just check cuteness of it. To save some bucks you can also make a handmade teddy for your love. This will even increase the importance of this day for her. You can easily find cuttings of teddy bear in the market. Key chains and teddy rings are also one of the most popular gifts on Teddy Day.

Promise Day – 11th February 2016

Give promise to your girlfriend/ boyfriend that you will never leave him/her in some bad condition. You will always help him/her in some bad time. Break up and patch up are quite common these days. So this day will make your relationship bond even better.

Hug Day – 12th February 2016

It’s the 6th day of Valentine’s Day week. This is the perfect day to get a tight love hug from your soul mate. On this day you can express your love feelings with warm hugs.

Kiss Day – 13th February 2016

If you are a married couple after a love relation the you must have remember your first kiss. First kiss is quite important in every relationship. If you are in a relationship for a long time then you can ask for lip kiss otherwise take a sweet kiss on her cheek. You can also give some surprise gifts to make the moment more exciting.

Valentine’s Day – 14th February 2016

This is the last day of lovely Valentine’s Day week. Couples enjoy this day with great fun. You can take your wife for a romantic dinner or take her to some amusement park. Spend your time with family and express your true love in front of your wife. For a newly bonded relationship couple they can also go for some dinner and exchange gifts.

Hope our schedule and images of Valentine Week 2016 will surely inspire you and help you to make valentine week the most memorable one of your life. Wish you all a Happy and sweet valentine week!

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