Facebook Timeline is advanced item launched on the network of social media and its much discussed feature is Facebook Timeline Cover Photos, a means meant to make a profile more personalized and attractive.

Timeline is a part that is planned to replacement both the profile page and wall, by joining them together, being therefore some kind of an amalgamation between the blog and online scrapbook. It even creates navigation throughout posts simpler, as it explains the story of your Facebook in an overturn chronological manner, marked by year on the right side of the profile page. The previous wall of Facebook as you all familiars it is chronologically structured, but looking for updates or posts older than some months before is rather tough. Now, as all we know that valentine week is approaching and everyone is in search of gifts to impress their lovers. On the very special promise day you can put a special promise day Facebook timeline cover and impress all the friends.

On the other hand, the most famous among the timeline features, observed to be promise day Facebook Cover Photos 2015 - they are planned to individualize the page. As the promise day profile pictures are only in a small size, most of the users select something good as their profile; on the other hand, promise day Facebook Cover Photos 2015, stretch across the size of the entire page, and friends can utilize them to show somewhat deeper, more special, like members of their family, pets, preferred scenes of movie or vacation spots. It is supposed that a cautiously selected image must not just decorate your profile, but must even let other populace see somewhat of your behavior.

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