Proposing to your lover is a bit you get to do on one occasion, in case you are blessed! It is very necessary that you do not ruin! There are many tips available that can guide you how to propose your girlfriend! The best method is to propose your girlfriend by sending lovely propose day sms. On the other hand there are many special and attractive propose day wallpaper and propose day quotes available on the web that can make an impression on your lover’s mind.
There is no reason for copying the though from anywhere, mainly as the two of you must have many common experiences! Thus you exactly know what she/he likes the most! You should not be amazed by their reply! In case you are not sure that she will say yes, then you have probably not been going long.

You can also try your best to make it a shock for your lover, you can send beautiful propose day shayri through mobile or through mail! This is very special moments in their life, so please do not make it climax!

You can also make public proposal in case you are certain she will say yes! You do not wish it to turn into an embarrassing experience do you! Check the ring! It is your valuable! Do not give it to Waiter to dish up as desert or bury it in the sand! You would warrant losing it in case you performed that!

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