All the people know that February month is known by the month of love. Happy Valentine’s Day in Russia is coming once more. It is very wonderful time and beautiful day for all and sundry. This beautiful day carries too much of love and too much of happiness for each person. “Schastliviy Den' svetogo Valentiva!” indicates Happy Valentine’s Day in Russia, the very famous and preferred holiday in Russia enjoyed by people of different ages.

How one can enjoy Russians Valentine’s Day?
The love and beautiful day is enjoy everywhere in the whole world with too much fun of their loved ones, as all the people know that Valentine’s Day is not invent in Russia thus there is not any exact Russian traditions related with this festival. But always the love birds build themselves especial for each other as well as enjoy the very special day with their Valentine.
1.      You can get pleasure from a homemade candle light dinner with a good wine glass.
2.      You can watch an old romantic movie with your partner.
3.      You can plan a romantic walk in the beach, or a park sharing kisses and holding hands.
4.      A disclosure gift for your darling.

5.      You can also write a romantic love letter to express your true emotion.

1. Rozy Prekrasny,
Fialki Chisty,
Sahar zhe Sladok
Tak zhe, kak ty.
(Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet;
And so are you.)
2. Ya otkrytochku takuju
Dlja nachala podpishu!
A pri vstreche zaceluju
I v ob'jat'jah zadushu!

(First I will sign this card
And when we meet,
I will hug you really hard!)
3. Nasha lubov' – tvoi luchshii examen.

(Our love – your best exam.)
4. Segodnja ja lublu tebja bol'she, chem vchera,
no vse zhe men'she, chem budu lubit' zavtra.

(Today I love you more than yesterday,
But it's still less than I will love you tomorrow.)
5. Vot kluchi ot moego serdca,
vospol'zuisja zhe imi,
poka ja ne smenil zamok!

(Here is the key to my heart,
Come on use them
Before I change a lock!)

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